AMRAP 7 Burpees

Will Burn
700 RMSfitness Tokens

1. Do as much as possible burpees in 7 minutes

Workout Instructions

Start from a standing position and move to lying on the floor with chest and thighs touching the surface.
From here you move to a standing position and thereafter jump and touch a target with both hands, which is 15 centimeters above maximum upwards reach.
AMRAP 7 is short for “as many reps as possible” in 7 minutes. The objective is to get as many target burpees as possible within 7 minutes.
Guide to measure the target
Stand upright on flat feet and reach both arms overhead with stretched out hands. 15 centimeters above this reach is where the target should be and you should jump up and touch this target in every repetition. The target can be made out of anything as long as it stays in the right height. Look for a suitable target in your home or make one yourself.
Be creative within your home. If you can’t find a suitable target in the right height then grab a tape measure, tape, string ladder/chair. Fix a target in the right height and that’s all you need to be ready for the workout

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3. Send a link of your file with you doantion
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  1. rmsbodybuilding - 89 reps

Tokens Distribution

After 10 workout submitions,
This workout will burn 700 RMSfitness tokens,
70 rmsfitness tokens for each Person
You need to have STEEMIT account